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THE FORGOTTEN AREAS OF FLEET WEBINAR #1 – Fleet Policy – 21 March 2024

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The Forgotten Areas of Fleet Webinar #1

When: 12pm, 21 March 2024 (AEDT)

As a busy fleet manager, we know your focus might be on sourcing vehicles, scheduling services, managing the pool fleet and ensuring your drivers are using them safely.

But, what about all the other areas of fleet that can be just as important to ensure they are used efficiently, effectively and sustainably while aligning to your organisation’s short and long term objectives.

In this first webinar for 2024, we covered Fleet Policy.

Hosted by LBM Fleet Advisor, Sarah Johnson, and Founder of Fleet News Group, Marc Sibbald, the team covered why it’s so important to have a fleet policy, when you need a policy, what you should be including, how to practically apply a policy, frameworks, real examples and more.

  • Market Update – Fuel efficiency standards and more
  • Why you need a fleet policy
  • When you need a policy and how to practically apply it
  • How to create a policy that can addresses utilisation, safety and driver accountability
  • How to provision for the use of electric vehicles



A woman with black hair and red lipstick speaks at the Electric Vehicle Webinar Series.

Sarah Johnson – Fleet Advisor at LBM Fleet

Sarah Johnson is a Fleet Management expert and is currently advising the LBM team on a number of strategic policy and EV transition projects for some of our biggest clients.

With over 20 years’ experience in the Motor Vehicle industry, Sarah has managed some of Australia’s largest fleets.

She has experience and expertise leading and executing projects across:

  • Fleet Transformation including vehicle acquisition and finance, contract management, outsource/insource strategies, and fleet cost reduction
  • Driver Safety programs and change management
  • Vehicle telematics programs


A man smiling in a blue shirt during ELECTRIC VEHICLE WEBINAR SERIES #2, discussing Accelerating Towards Electrification on 6 September 2023.

Marc Sibbald – Founder of Fleet News Group

Marc Sibbald is the founder of Fleet News Group which is a trusted source of news and information for the fleet and transport industries via the Fleet Auto News, Fleet EV News and Fleet HV News websites.

After 30 years in the motor industry, Marc is still passionate about sharing the stories, connecting people and discussing the major trends that will shape the industry at one of the most disruptive periods since the Model T was released.


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