An Efficient Fleet is a Sustainable Fleet

Enabling fleets to adopt a sustainable approach to operations

We partner with organisations who truly want to achieve their environmental and sustainability goals through decarbonisation of their fleets by changing behaviours of consumption and enabling operational efficiency through technology.

How do we do this?
Isometric illustration of an electric car charging station promoting sustainability in the transition to EVs.

Practical EV Transition plans

Developed with practicality in mind, transition to electric vehicles with a reliable, robust and proven framework.
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EV Telematics & Battery Monitoring

Read the battery levels from your EV’s for streamlined charging allocation, reimbursements, vehicle optimisation and exception reporting.

Innovative Car Sharing Solutions

An end-to-end car sharing and pool vehicle solution consisting of a dynamic booking system, real time allocation, next generation key vending and driver kiosk all-in-one.

Optimise & Reduce Consumption

Monitor activity on fuel, servicing and driver behaviour, which all contribute to reducing overall consumption and consumables.

Policy, Eligibility & Accountability

We can help you design, implement and monitor a fleet policy to suit your organisation with sustainability in mind, using our team’s combined experience and up to date knowledge of industry standards and trends.

Usage, Utilisation & CO2 Reporting

Integrated reporting modules to see in real time the usage & utilisation of your fleet, with a dedicated CO2 dashboard to report specifically on carbon emissions.

No matter what stage of the sustainability journey your fleet is in,
we would love to hear about it and see if we can help.

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