Driver Safety

Instil a passionate culture of safe driving behaviours to ensure your drivers get home safely each day.

Running a fleet of cars creates occupational health and safety risks which managers and directors are legally liable for. Naturally, driver safety is paramount for the wellbeing of your employees. But creating a safe driving culture is easier said than done.

Our approach focuses on building Driver self-awareness and focusing on leading risk indicators to contextualise safety and create preventative processes to reduce the likelihood of incidents before they occur. All while instilling a culture of safe driving behaviours to ensure our roads remain safe for everyone.

Driver Safety, Driver Behaviour & Speed Limit Monitoring for Fleet

“The product is not only beneficial for FBT compliance, but it is the driver behaviour and safety scoring that I like the best, it has already given me some insights into how we can work our territories better to ensure our team are not on the road too long each day. 

Mikael Takamaa
(National Field Sales Manager ANZ – Retail)
Mayo Hardware

Our Safety Score functionality engages your drivers and gamifies the process for continuous improvement. It has become an industry benchmark to compare drivers, business units and your entire fleet against other LBM fleets.

Behind the Safety Score we measure high risk driving behaviours such as speeding (including posted speed limits) and driving durations with all the parameters customisable to align to your organisations policies.

We give drivers transparent in-app feedback following the end of their trip to coach them on policy compliance and to raise awareness, which has proven to eliminate and mitigate high risk behaviour across large fleet populations.

Combined with our comprehensive rule-based consequence framework tool, automate direct-manager engagement based on set parameters and allow the system to handle exceptions to bring your safety framework to life.

Some of the high-risk behaviours we can monitor:

  • Speeding (inc. Posted Speed Limits)
  • Hard Braking, Acceleration & Cornering
  • Sudden Deceleration (Potential impacts)
  • Driving Duration & Break Times
  • Dawn & Dusk Trips

Included Functionality

Driver Safety & Behaviour

Safety Score

Posted Speed Limits

Custom Speed Limits within Geo-fence

Journey Planner

Driver Safety, Driver Behaviour, Speeding & Fatigue Monitoring for Fleet

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