An all-in-one, cloud-based, fleet management software platform

For better efficiency, sustainability, compliance & real cost savings.

We are a dynamic, customer-focused, tech business that is transforming and breathing fresh air into the fleet management and telematics industry. Our product is an all-in-one, independent, cloud-based, fleet management software platform, and mobile apps.

Our business was built by listening to people just like you, with the same challenges and objectives, who embrace technology for efficiency, want access to rich data for decision making and reduce carbon emissions for a more sustainable fleet.

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Fleet Optimisation, Utilisation, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence

Looking to transition to EV’s?

Learn about our proven EV transition framework and other strategies for a more sustainable fleet.
Already have EVs? We offer a range of EV solutions including home charging reimbursement reporting.

Contact our Customer Solutions team who are ready to help you with your EV transition.

Electric Vehicle

Transform the way you manage your fleet

With integrated software and telematics, you can transform the way you manage, operate and optimise all aspects of your fleet, not just for vehicles, but just as importantly, the people who administer and drive them.

LBM’s fleet management solution is not just for fleet managers, your entire organisation can benefit from our centralised, easy to use platform.

LBM Fleet Management Desktop Software, Mobile App, Tablet Kiosk
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How LBM Fleet improves fleets

Optimises car sharing

  • Integrated booking system
  • Key management solution – KeyHub™
  • Recurring bookings, bookings on behalf, allocation bookings
  • Utilisation reporting

Reduces costs

  • Reduce your FBT liability
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce number of vehicles
  • Reduce administration work

Improves efficiency

  • Fleet optimisation
  • Driver accountability
  • Vehicle utilisation
  • Optimised pool fleet
  • Automated compliance and workflows

Supports sustainability

  • CO2 reporting
  • EV transition strategies
  • EV home charging reimbursement solution

Improves driver safety

  • Monitor and benchmark safety score
  • Increases self awareness
  • Reduces incidents
  • Policy enforcement
  • Fatigue management

Improves visibility

  • All your records in one place
  • One system for all your fleet needs
  • Organisation wide access
  • Whole of fleet analytics

Case studies

Hear from our customers about their fleet management journey’s from before coming onboard with LBM Fleet to how we’re working with them today.

Read our case studies here

Our Fleet Management Software Products

LBM offers a complete suite of end-to-end fleet management software solutions that are aimed at solving your real fleet problems. Our products are market-leading and customer-focused. We deliver highly relevant, value adding solutions, every time.

Logbooks & Record Keeping

Keep accurate trip records & odometer readings for ATO/IRD approved FBT logbooks and workflow the submission process between drivers, finance and line managers.

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Pool Vehicles

End-to-end pool vehicle management solution including bookings, key management, damage reporting, integrated logbooks and utilisation reporting.

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Driver Safety

A complete driver safety solution for your organisation, with Safety Scoring as a performance benchmark and automated workflow to deliver visibility at all levels.

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Fleet Operations

Stay on top of all your operating costs and activities with actual vehicle usage and other aggregated data. Everything from servicing, tyres, vehicle registration, fuel & tolls.

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Fleet Optimisation

Make intelligent, data driven decisions using our platform designed to tackle the challenges most fleets face, such as utilisation, electric vehicle analysis, meeting sustainability targets and fit for purpose allocation.

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Workflow & Compliance

Be pro-active with compliance, such as inspections, vehicle condition management and licensing with automated workflows to notify the right people at the right time.

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Our Fleet Management Advisory Services

We take our fleet management software solution to the next level with our advisory services offering expertise to help you transform the way you manage your fleet.

With over 30 years of experience in fleet, our Fleet Advisory Consultants can advise you on everything from EV transitions, policies, tenders, independent reviews, grey fleet, in and outsourcing, and more.

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Fleet Policy Development and Advice
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Tender Support
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Independent Reviews

KeyHub™ – Automated Key Management Solution for your Pool Vehicles and Assets

We listened to your key management needs and have completely streamlined your key distribution requirements in an integrated, secure and easy to use key storage unit.

KeyHub™ is a secure key storage unit that is fully integrated with our market-leading fleet management software products. It combines a booking system, with trips from telematics, that instantly feeds into our logbook app, for classification on the spot!

Find out more about KeyHub here

Who we work with

LBM Fleet works with some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest and most complex fleets who embrace data and technology to self-manage their fleet or to enhance their existing fleet management arrangements.

Our enterprise-level architecture and configuration options make our platform a stand-out choice for a number of sectors including local and state government departments, corporate and not-for-profit organisations, as well as small to medium businesses.

All with individual needs and problems to solve, we partner with our customers to continue adding value to their fleets.


State Government

Strategic fleet management for departmental success.

State Government departments generally have several stakeholders including finance, human resources, fleet managers, safety and senior management that need centralised visibility.

At LBM, we are able to meet all of their departmental fleet needs around pool vehicle booking systems, key management solutions, ATO compliant FBT logbooks, driver safety, utilisation reporting, EV transition strategies and more.

FMCG and Retail

Fleet management for improved compliance and safer drivers.

FMCG and retail organisations usually require visibility over how their fleet is being used. Live odometer readings also give them insight into each individual vehicles movement and use.

LBM’s fleet management system has reduced the use of paper logbooks, making it easy for their assigned drivers to complete. Driver safety and behaviour metrics for teams that are on the road every day, is also a key metric for our FMCG customers as it helps create a culture of safer driving within organisations.


Optimised fleets to reduce costs and improve visibility.

NDIS organisations often have fleets in many different locations spanning across various states. With LBM’s fleet management software, they’re able to centralise all their fleet data in one place and ensure each location has the right visibility as well as centralised visibility for management teams, working via a hybrid management model where operations are decentralised and management is centralised.

NDIS organisations are benefiting mostly from LBM’s integrated pool vehicle booking system for their shared fleet and our interdepartmental booking costs module where their projects can be billed back to their customers.

Local Government

Optimised vehicle management for more efficient fleets.

Local government fleets have a unique approach to fleet management with diverse requirements and a complex asset mix of passenger vehicles, heavy vehicles, equipment, assets and more.

Our system is able to support their localised requirements including asset tracking, logbooks, pool bookings, driver safety, utilisation reporting and more.


Simple asset management across your sites.

Construction organisations with a shared fleet, need an easy to use pool booking system and logbook for their busy drivers.

Our system offers time poor workers, working long hours, a simple pool booking system and one touch logbook. For management, our reporting gives complete visibility over how the fleet is being used including fuel and toll expenses, servicing and registration, all in one place.

Aged Care

Improved fleet efficiencies for an agile team.

Many aged care organisations with fleets, have their vehicles located at retirement communities and nursing homes.

LBM’s system supports aged care workers and volunteers who work rotating shifts, by allowing them to book vehicles ahead of time, or have administration staff book on their behalf via the pool vehicle booking system.

This allows them to plan ahead of their schedule. Management teams are also given complete visibility over how the fleet is being used as well as utilisation reporting so they can fully understand if their fleet is running efficiently.

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