Healthcare & Community Services

LBM assists you to operate your fleet efficiently, so you can focus on providing the best care for your clients.

Australia and New Zealand has some of the world’s best healthcare and community services thanks to organisations such as yours. We understand managing your vehicles may not be at the top of your priorities, but a necessity as part of providing critical home care, transport services or supporting regional areas.

That’s where LBM can help, much more than providing industry-leading software & apps, our Customer Success team will partner with you to ensure you get up and running with recommended configurations, fully guided implementation projects, communication templates, training, and on-going support post-implementation to ensure you continue to get the maximum value from LBM.

Fleet Telematics for NDIS, Not for Profit, Healthcare, Community Services

LBM is proud to already work with the following providers & organisations just like yours in the healthcare and community services industry:

Our Healthcare & Community Services customers provide services & support in the following areas:

  • Not-for-profit/Profit-for-purpose
  • General & Specialist Healthcare
  • Aged Care, Nursing & Home Care
  • Disability Support Services & NDIS Providers
  • Aboriginal Health Services
  • Family, Youth & Social Services
  • Religious & Philanthropy Organisations
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Services
  • Employment & Job-training Services

What are the Benefits?

How does using LBM Fleet’s software & solutions benefit your organisation?

Automate & streamline manual processes

Operate efficiently for both users and administrators

Collect, centralise & analyse your data

Make data-driven/evidence-based fleet decisions

Keep your driver’s safe and protect your assets

Manage costs and achieve material financial savings

Recommended Products

A quick glimpse at some of our recommended products used by our health care and community service customers.

Pool Vehicle Solution for Shared Cars, Bookings, Keys & Access
Pool Vehicles

An end-to-end solution to manage, optimise and automate the operation of your pool vehicles. Key functionality includes an online booking system, self-serve key cabinets and electronic logbooks for record keeping, recharging costs and reimbursements.

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Vehicle Servicing, Tyres, Fuel & Toll, Fleet Management
Fleet Operations

Think of this like your control centre, locate vehicles using GPS in case of emergencies or stolen vehicle recovery, keep track of all your servicing schedules and manage costs with fuel & toll reporting.

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Driver Safety, Driver Behaviour, Speeding & Fatigue Monitoring for Fleet
Driver Safety

Ensure your drivers and passengers get to their destinations safely every time. Our proprietary Safety Score promotes continuous improvement and benchmarking rather than micro-managing. We give drivers full transparency on their events to coach them and raise awareness following each trip.

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