KeyHub™ Car Sharing Solution for your Fleet

KeyHub™ is the perfect solution for managing everything to do with your pool vehicles, such as bookings, key vending and record keeping, all in one clever unit.

LBM’s end-to-end solution offers real-time syncing with our Pool Booking System and Logbook, and together with 24/7 self-service access, KeyHub™ makes car sharing a breeze. A secure, easy-to-use pool vehicle solution that your drivers will love and save you time and money.

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All-in-One Solution

KeyHub™ is a secure key storage unit that is integrated with our market-leading software products. It combines a booking system, with trips from telematics, that instantly feeds into our logbook app, for classification on the spot!

KeyHub Key Cabinet Vending

KeyHub™ Solution Benefits:

Self Service Key Management


  • Drivers have complete control to create and manage their own bookings and other LBM records.
  • Keys can be picked up and returned with no additional staff required.
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  • Secure storage for all your vehicle and asset keys.
  • Store and track up to 26 keys per unit.
  • Access with User ID/Pin or employer-issued RFID access cards.
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  • Book directly from the LBM KeyHub™ screen, Mobile Apps or Web Portal.
  • Bookings linked with trip data allows for easy logbook classification on the spot (the same time the keys are returned).
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Real-Time Syncing

  • All events sync in real time to the online portal giving managers complete visibility over their assets.
  • Drivers can book vehicles on the spot and complete their logbooks when they return the keys.
Flexible Access

Flexible Access

  • KeyHub™  can be configured to operate 24/7 or only at certain times.
  • Mounting options include fixed to a desktop, wall-mounted or on a stand.
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  • Only keys linked to a valid booking can be released.
  • Ensures only the correct driver can access the booked vehicle.
  • Full logging of events, activities and alarms in an audit trail.

Why you need KeyHub™ for your Fleet

Accountability & Visibility

  • Know exactly how your vehicles and assets are being used with our integrated booking system and telematics.
  • Complete view over who is using what vehicle or asset and how.

No More Lost Keys

  • KeyHub™ minimises the risk of lost keys by having a central point to store all keys.
  • Reporting for keys not returned or returned late.

Invaluable Data

  • Learn how your fleet is really used.
  • Leads to better fleet optimisation.


  • Only allow drivers who need vehicles to have access to keys.
  • Only keys linked to valid bookings are released.


  • Full reporting suite not only on KeyHub™ activity but gain access to all the other LBM reporting.
  • Utilisation Reporting and Right Size tools can help you make better decisions for your Pool Vehicle fleet.

Complete Audit Trail

  • Complete logs of all activity, events and alarms
  • Admin Users can remotely monitor KeyHub™ in real-time.

KeyHub™ will save you and your team time and money.
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