Fleet Optimisation

Intelligent reporting that will equip you with the necessary data to take action.

You’re not alone when it comes to Fleet Optimisation, not only will our platform identify areas of concern through interpreting data, our Customer Success team have a wealth of industry knowledge and can share trends & strategies we are seeing in fleet to assist you with the execution.

Fleet Optimisation, Utilisation, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence

With Electric Vehicle Adoption and Net Zero Emissions on the horizon, our Fit for Purpose and CO2 reporting can help recommend and determine the best vehicle fit, practical charging strategy for each driver and recommend the appropriate vehicle based on the driver’s profile.

Our Utilisation Score gives you a practical overview and shows relative utilisation of assets to identify gaps and underperforming usage patterns.

If you lease your vehicles, you can monitor the Lease Mileage Budgets against real-time usage to prevent excess use charges and deliver recommendations on swapping like-for-like vehicles, to load balance the fleet.

For your assigned driver vehicles, our clever Annualised KM reporting tool will predict future usage, which you can compare to your fleet policy and determine the appropriate fleet allocation for that driver.

Available Functionality

Fleet Utilisation Score

Lease Budget Utilisation

Annualised KM’s

CO2 Reporting

Fit for Purpose

Right Size Fleet

Engine Hours

Time at Base

Metro vs. Rural

Fleet Optimisation, Utilisation, Data Analysis

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