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Enable material change and increase compliance across large organisations.

In most large organisations compliance is necessary to adhere to policies, regulations and to maintain a level of quality and safety. Our Workflow & Compliance products aim to assist you collect the data easily, automate workflows and remind you when it’s necessary to take action.

Fleet Compliance, Workflow, Frameworks

“We started with LBM in 2017 and have continued to work together to improve our fleet safety, compliance and operations. Some key achievements have been significantly improving safety in particular speeding behaviour, implementing asset checks and automating administrative processes 

Bram VanDerSchaar
(Fleet Manager)
Forestry Corporation NSW

Our Inspections functionality allows you to setup comprehensive and flexible scheduled checklists that are delivered to your drivers via the LBM mobile app with notification prompts on their phone to remind them. Use this for pre-drive inspections, equipment and safety inspections and store all the historical data required to satisfy chain of responsibility compliance.

Automatically drive workflow across your organisation for any of our key data points, using our rule-based Consequence Framework functionality.

Setup the parameter based rules to run automatically on a custom schedule that will alert managers who have direct responsibility over the relevant drivers. Managers can acknowledge and record the remediation – all within the LBM platform.

We’ve taken a similar approach with our Licenses and Reminders functionality, to help you manage driver’s licenses and in fact any sort of license, compliance or periodic activity, such as required training or certifications. Setup automated reminders for your custom schedule and manage the verification, expiry and renewal of those items.

Available Functionality

Inspections for Vehicles & Assets (Machinery, Equipment)

Consequence Framework

Licences & Reminders

Compliance & Workflow Products for Fleet Management

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