Pool Vehicles

Take control of your Pool Vehicles to ensure optimal utilisation, allocation, and greater driver accountability.

LBM has every aspect of your pool vehicle management covered, plus the added benefit of your pool vehicles and pool drivers integrating seamlessly with all our other products for logbooks, driver safety, compliance and optimisation.

Pool Vehicles, Shared Cars, Vehicle Bookings, Keys & Access

“The LBM Platform and booking system is much more user-friendly and effective than other systems we’ve used before, and the team have really listened and responded to our needs.”

Caroline Smith
(Property Portfolio Manager)
Vision Australia

Our integrated pool vehicle booking system has all the features you would expect including timed reservations, recurring bookings, email reminders and bookings on behalf, but is also smart enough to allocate the right car for optimal utilisation and longevity of your vehicles.

Combine bookings with our key vending cabinet and guarantee the right driver uses the right car every time, An effective and secure solution for 24/7 availability or remote access.

LBM’s core logbook app is enhanced for pool drivers, allowing them to easily fill out logbooks linked to their bookings, share the driving with another user, report damage and complete safety & equipment inspections.

With all the multiple driver touch points above accessible from any device, computer or kiosk, capturing driver ID can be achieved without the need for in-car screens, swipe cards or extra hardware costs and maintenance.

Available Functionality

Pool Vehicle Logbooks

Pool Vehicle Bookings

Key Management

Damage Reporting

Pool Booking Exception Reporting

Pool Booking Utilisation Score

Pool Vehicle Solution for Shared Cars, Bookings, Keys & Access

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