Fleet Operations

Gain greater visibility and insights into the critical functions of your fleet.

Combine real-time vehicle usage with imported transactions and other trusted data sources that will give you a complete picture of your fleet to identify any potential issues and stay on top of any upcoming actions.

Fleet Servicing, Tyres, Repairs, Fuel, Tolls, Fleet Operations

This includes managing standard or custom service schedules with the ability to store service records, receipts and tyre replacements. Send automated reminders to drivers of when they need to book in their next service based on their live mileage feed or time.

You can also monitor and reconcile fuel spend and toll charges with clever exception reporting to highlight any potential fraud, abnormal usage and private use quantification.

At the core of our platform is GPS technology, which can be used for locating vehicles in real-time (governed by your organisation’s privacy policy) and tracking movements between geo-fences, both for a wide range of practical and critical applications.

Have the assurance that all your vehicles are registered with real-time verification with the relevant state authority and be notified with plenty of time before they expire.

Available Functionality

Vehicle Locator

Servicing & Tyres

Fuel Reporting

Toll Reporting

Boundary Alerts

Vehicle Selling

Manage Vehicle Registrations

Vehicle Servicing, Tyres, Fuel & Toll, Fleet Management

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