Our Approach

We love learning about how your business and fleet operates, what challenges you have and how we can help you solve them.


We love learning about your business, what challenges you have and how we can help solve them.

We Act

Getting the job done is in our DNA and we have the tools & technology to do it.

We Help

We’re here to help you and your people achieve what they need to achieve.


The truth is in the data and results, which we can learn and improve from.
Business Intelligence
Fleet Management
Fleet Consultants & Advisors
Complementary Services

Where we fit in?

We see ourselves as being complementary to the existing fleet and telematics industries. You can involve us as little or as much as you’d like and we can operate independently or get really clever with integrations into existing systems or other partners.

Guided Implementation

You’re Not Alone

Once you’re onboard, we begin with an implementation project facilitated by our implementation team where we guide you through all that’s required to get up and running. This covers configuration, installation, communications, training and everything else in between.

Requirements Gathering
Configuration & Setup
Delivery & Distribution
Installation & Fitment
Training & Support
Customer Service
Technical Support
Admin & Operational Support
Reporting & Results
Additional Features
Learning & Development
Consulting & Advisory
Customer Success

We’re Here to Help

Then once you’re up and running, we ensure you’re getting the most out of our solution with constant contact and support. Our help desk is always ready and able to help your drivers and assist with whatever they need help with.

Touch Points & Benefits

Not just for
Fleet Managers,
It's for Everyone.

The unique thing about LBM is that our solutions can speak to all departments and functions with real benefits for everyone.

Streamline your business, by having one solution that can keep everyone in your organisation happy and even pay for itself with the cost savings.

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  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Bottom Line


  • Automation
  • Visibility
  • Intelligent Decision Making

Accounting & Tax

  • Correct, Consolidated & Verified Records
  • Summarised Reporting
  • Real Cost Savings

Health & Safety

  • Create awareness of Driver Safety
  • Monitoring, Trend Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Reduction of incidents

Drivers & Workforce

  • Seamless, User-Friendly software & apps
  • Eliminate or reduce manual process
  • Improved Safety & Well-being

IT & Systems

  • SSO & Integration Options
  • High level of Data Security
  • Easy to Deploy Cloud Apps