Why Choose LBM?

There are many reasons why LBM should be your preferred telematics and IVMS supplier. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Organisational Benefits

Not just for Fleet Managers, your whole organisation can benefit from the one solution to streamline and reduce costs.


  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Cost Reduction


  • Automation
  • Visibility
  • Data-Driven Decision Making

Accounting & Tax

  • Correct, Consolidated & Verified Records
  • Summarised Reporting
  • Tangible FBT Savings

Health & Safety

  • Create awareness of Driver Safety
  • Monitoring, Trend Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Reduction of incidents

Drivers & Workforce

  • Seamless, User-Friendly software & apps
  • Eliminate or reduce manual process
  • Improved Safety & Well-being

IT & Systems

  • SSO & Integration Options
  • High level of Data Security
  • Easy to Deploy Cloud Apps


  • Reduce Consumption
  • Execute Mandates & Policies
  • Executive Reporting

Privacy Protection

Privacy in our ecosystem can accommodate the simplest to the most complicated organisational hierarchies in regard to what is visible & accessible to who and when, whilst still maintaining practicality of reporting, user experience and record keeping needs.

No Route Tracking

Our standard configuration does not enable turn by turn route tracking only the start and end of trip details with odometer records. For most functionality, including tax logbooks, this is all that is required. If you do require Route Tracking, this can be enabled and configured during your implementation.

No Access to Vehicle Computer

Although our standard device can be installed in the OBD-II (Diagnostic) port of vehicles, it is purely used as a convenient storage point and constant power source. Any interface to the vehicle’s computer, engine control units, error codes, etc. has been disabled at a firmware level.

Not Operated by a Smartphone

The LBM device isn’t required to connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to use the GPS, data or battery, so you know everything on your phone is safe. You don’t even have to have your phone with you and the device operates independently. Drivers can however conveniently access their accounts & data anytime using our Apps or Website.

Data Security

Data security is critical, and we are confident in our platform. We have implemented the following industry best practices and strict measures to ensure our customers data is safe, secure, protected and recoverable.

ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Certified

As you may know ISO 27001 is a standard for information security requiring policies and procedures to control and mitigate any legal, physical and technical risks associated with operating our business. Whilst ISO 9001 ensures Quality Assurance and Management Best Practices.

Data Stored Securely in Australia

We partner with Microsoft’s leading Azure Cloud platform for our data centre and application needs with multi-region support across Australian east coast data centres. This is also an acceptable solution for our New Zealand customers who require data to be regionally hosted.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

In the software industry this process involves inviting a credible third-party organisation to interrogate and attempt to expose vulnerabilities in your system, website and apps as a preventative measure and test of your applications security. We regularly perform this testing or when a significant update has been made to any security measures.

No Offshoring

LBM is entirely developed and operated by us. We do not offshore any software development, hosting, support or operations and only employ Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents.

Cost Savings

Our business is built around maximising efficiencies and ensuring you aren’t overpaying your tax obligations to achieve real, tangible cost reductions.

Tax Savings

This is where we started (with logbooks) and where we still see and hear of amazing stories of our customers saving thousands of dollars per vehicle by being able to utilise an operating cost method, rather than using the statutory formula. We also have the capability to report on Fuel Tax Credit and Car Parking FBT.

Prevent Leakage and Surcharges

Having transparency of your operating expenses (fuel, tolls, maintenance) and correct budgeting of your mileage, combined with real time vehicle usage information can allow you to be pro-active and prevent leakages and surcharges before they happen.

Less Damage, Infringements & Accidents

Implementing our Safety Solutions means safer drivers, less wear and tear, less damage, less infringements and most importantly fewer major accidents. We love that we can do this for our customers and motivates us to keep going.

Better Utilisation

Having a platform where you can see real-time usage of your vehicles you will be able to see where utilisation may be lacking and decide to re-deploy vehicles or even dispose of them at the right time and right value.

Product Development

We take a user-centric approach to product development that is constantly evolving, improving and updating all with your help, input and feedback.

Regular Updates

Our in-house engineering team are constantly working on new features, enhancements and bug fixes with regular platform & app updates releasing every few weeks.

We are Agile

We listen, We Act, and We Execute as part of our core approach and we can do this quickly because that’s how we’ve designed our business and processes, sophisticated, but without all the red tape.

We are In the Cloud

The many benefits of our platform being in the cloud is that you can access our solutions anytime, anywhere and you will always be on the latest version without any cumbersome hardware upgrades. Even our vehicle devices can be updated over the air and you will also be able to access new features immediately.

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