What road safety means to LBM Fleet and our customers for National Road Safety Week 2024

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What road safety means to LBM Fleet and our customers for National Road Safety Week 2024

The National Road Safety Week is an annual initiative that promotes awareness around road safety. This year it runs from the 5th to 12th of May with a daily theme ranging from sharing the street, avoiding distractions, checking how safe your car is and taking care on regional roads.

On Australian roads, it’s reported that there are approximately 1,200 people killed and another 40,000 seriously injured each year, so promoting road safety awareness is crucial to improving these statistics.

As part of this year’s National Road Safety Week, LBM Fleet is taking the pledge to drive so others survive to raise awareness around safe driving habits.

“To LBM, road safety means achieving genuine behavioral change. We are not about lag indicators, collecting and delivering large datasets or periodic reporting – it’s about bringing relevant data to life to enable drivers and organisations to foster safe driving and eliminate risk from the fleet.

On a personal level, it’s about getting everyone to their destination efficiently and getting them home safe again.”

Gerard McLennan, CEO at LBM Fleet

At LBM, we work with leading organisations focused on achieving driver safety.

To our customers, we see the importance road safety has on their drivers and organisational culture. Their driver’s safety on the roads every day is paramount to not only their operations, but ensuring their employees get home safely.

LBM’s customers who engage in our driver safety module also understand the importance and benefits of advocating and raising awareness around safe driving habits on our roads. We believe these behaviours flow through from driving for work, to driving in their personal time, making the roads safer for everyone.

“Road safety is about more than just following rules and regulations; it’s a commitment to mutual respect and care for everyone sharing the streets. It means staying attentive and mindful behind the wheel, being considerate to pedestrians and cyclists, advocating for infrastructure improvements, and prioritising safety for all road users. Ultimately, road safety is about ensuring that every journey, whether by foot, bike, or car, ends safely for everyone involved.”

Jason Morgan, Fleet and Property Coordinator at Vision Australia

“Road safety is extremely important at Vision Australia, both in terms of our workforce and the wider community.

Our workforce is required to undergo comprehensive driver education training before operating our fleet vehicles to ensure they understand how to keep themselves and others safe when on the road. Through using Logbook Me, we’re able to monitor how our workforce are utilising our fleet and their time on the road, allowing us to provide them with support they need to be safe drivers.

Our role in the blind and low vision community means we have an important part to play in making our roads safe for people who are blind or have low vision. We place particular emphasis on ensuring road users and regulators are aware of the challenges people who are blind or have low vision face when navigating the community and working in partnership to address them. We’re particularly proud of on-going advocacy work that has resulted in legislation that will require all silent vehicles to be fitted with an acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS) as of November 2025, making these vehicles safer for our community and all pedestrians.”

Chris Edwards, Director Government Relations, Advocacy, NDIS at Vision Australia

“Driving safely is one of the biggest personal safety risks we face in my organisation and is a concern for all of us, not just those who drive as part of their role. To ensure everyone arrives safely at their destination, we follow the safe driving pledge:

  • I always wear a seatbelt
  • I do not exceed the speed limit, and reduce my speed limit for road conditions
  • I do not use phones or operate devices while driving
  • I am fit, rested and fully alert when driving
  • I follow journey management requirements”
Safety Lead, Oil & Gas Industry

“As a Fleet Manager, road safety is paramount. It directly impacts the well-being of our drivers, participants, pedestrians and the reputation of our organisation. To ensure we live up to the highest standard in road safety, we employ strict fleet policies and procedures, framework to actively manage regular vehicle maintenance, and enforce adherence to traffic laws and safety protocols through the use of the LogbookMe driver safety module.

Road safety minimizes the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities, thereby safeguarding lives and assets while reducing possible financial liabilities and legal consequences. It fosters a culture of responsibility and vigilance among our drivers, promoting efficiency and reliability in our fleet operations. Ultimately, prioritising road safety is integral to upholding the integrity and success of our fleet management solution.”

Fleet Manager, Aged Care Industry

The LBM team are passionate about improving driver and road safety to create safer roads for everyone. Our driver safety module used by many of our customers, focusing on corrective and preventative processes to prevent incidents , so we realise improved driving practices.

Every day our teams work with our customers to improve their driver safety and behaviour results by driving awareness to instil a culture of safe driving, gamifying safe driving behaviours and giving drivers complete transparency over their data via our Safety Score.

“For me, road safety means that I have the freedom to travel where I like but, more importantly being safe on the road means I get home safely to what I love.”

Sarah Johnson, Fleet Advisor at LBM Fleet

“To me, road safety is about being aware of your surroundings and considerate of others who you share the road with. Adding to that, it is important to place an emphasis on safe driving and driving to the conditions of the road, especially during bad weather conditions.”

Chris McLennan, Chief Operating Officer at LBM Fleet

“For me, road safety means placing the same level of importance on safe driving, regardless of whether we’re driving personally or in a work environment and being conscious that our actions and decisions while driving, can also cause impact to others.”

Sarah Godsall, Head of Customer Success at LBM Fleet

“Road safety to me means doing my part to contribute in making the roads safer by consciously making safer decisions on the road until they become natural.”

Cameron McCarthy, Customer Success Manager at LBM Fleet

“To me, road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone plays a part in keeping our roads safe for not only other drivers, but also pedestrians and cyclists on the road. As a driver, I pledge to reduce distractions and to not drive tired so I can get home safely to my family.”

Cassandra Mohr, Marketing Manager at LBM Fleet

“For me, road safety is about being a safe driver and being mindful and aware of everyone else on the road. I’m proud to work with clients who take their employees safety very seriously and promote a safe driving culture. I’ve seen the positive result of our driver safety services with clients continuously reducing their driver behaviour events each week.”

Briana Lindsay, Customer Success Manager at LBM Fleet

“Road safety for me is something everyone should take seriously. There are many aspects that make up road safety – being aware of your surroundings, understanding road rules, leaving enough distance in front of you or even ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive. I believe we all should always consciously make sure we are as safe as possible as we all have a part to play.”

Steven Ribic, Customer Success Manager at LBM Fleet

“For me, road safety is so important as it impacts everyone on the road. I believe that each individual has a responsibility to take the necessary measures to minimise the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of all motorists and pedestrians.”

Jennifer Carter, Customer Success Coordinator at LBM Fleet

You can take the ‘pledge to drive so others survive’ online now.

We encourage all organisations with and without fleets to take the pledge and promote road safety awareness to their employees and families.