Our Capabilities

These are our solution pillars. The products and features we design and develop essentially fall into one of these areas and will help you understand what we can do for you.

Record Keeping & Logbooks

Data collection and compliance that is not cumbersome, but effortless and enjoyable.

Tax Logbooks

Online, Cloud-based Logbooks with Smartphone Apps for Drivers. ATO Ruling (CR2014/27)

FBT Year End Workflow

Workflow process for drivers to submit logbooks at year end. Review and approval process.

Days Unavailable

Online, Cloud-based Declaration tool with Predictive Non-use Day Capture. NZ IRD Tax Ruling (BR Prd 17/02)

Cost Centre Allocation

Cost allocation based on vehicle usage to customised cost codes.

FBT Parking Register

Automated Parking Register to Exempt FBT for Non-use Days. ATO Ruling (CR2015/02)

Toll Reconciliation

Automated validation of toll usage and reconciliation to trip log.

Fuel Tax Credits

Automated Monitoring of Fuel Tax Credit Eligibility ATO Ruling (CR2015/13)

Disbursement Reimbursement

Recharge of costs to cost centres within the business or drivers for usage.

Pool & Shared Vehicles

Take control of your Pool and Shared Vehicles to ensure correct & optimal usage, where mobility is key.

Booking System

Asset reservation system to efficiently allocate vehicles.

Kiosk & Apps

Kiosk to allow drivers to record key pick- ups and log trips.

Logbooks & Compliance

Replacing paper logbooks for recording usage. Allocate cost and usage by vehicle/driver.

Cost Centre Recharging

Cost distribution between different cost centres to allow for fleet sharing.

Pool Utilisation

Understanding demand and supply per location to ensure optimal asset usage.

Compliance Reporting

Damage Reporting with workflow for fleet manager to resolve.

Driver Safety

Instil a passionate culture of safe driving behaviours to ensure our roads remain safe for everyone.

Safety Score

A driver risk score showing the relative risk of a driver based on comparative behaviour.

Driver Behaviour

Parameter based traffic light analysis showing context of behaviour events recorded by vehicle.

Policy Compliance

Parameter based traffic light analysis showing instances of risk associated with contravention of fleet policy.

Journey Planner

Smart pre-emptive planning tool that analyses drivers calendar and highlights any potential driver risk associated with the planned events.

Driver View

Drivers can easily view and manage their performance of each trip from their app. Self-assessment to improve driving culture.

Manager Engagement Scoring

Understand how managers are interacting and using LBM to manage drivers that are identified as at risk.

Fleet Operations

Be confident that all your operations are under control and working optimally.


LBM will match make the demand and supply variants between different fleets using a fit for purpose approach. Increase utilisation and monetise spare assets or access additional assets at a reduced cost.

Manage Fuel Spend & Utilisation

Understand fuel usage and address exceptions. Overfills and abnormal consumption levels benchmarked.

Exceptions & Alerts

Actively manage Budgeted Mileage, Balancing Usage, Service and Maintenance Overdue are some of the alerts.

Emissions Reporting

Understand the carbon impact of your fleet with Co2 reporting. Develop a sustainability policy that can be integrated with carbon offset for business use.

Service Scheduling

Alert vehicles due for servicing based on custom or manufacturer schedules. Workflow with driver to ensure correct and on time servicing and maintenance.

Operating Overview

Comparative reporting, exceptions and visualisation of key fleet stats. Drivers, Fuel, Mileage, Tolls, Logbooks, Carbon Footprint.

Fleet Optimisation

Make intelligent, data driven decisions at your fingertips.

Fleet Utilisation Score

Scoring of asset utilisation based on relative utilisation on a fleet benchmarked basis.

Manage Fuel Spend & Utilisation

Understand fuel usage and address exceptions. Overfills and abnormal consumption levels benchmarked.


Validate use case to determine if the correct vehicle is being allocated in accordance with policy. Looking at individual driver use case overlaying geospatial data and vehicle selection criteria referenced to policy.


Easily model the capacity of the fleet relative to demand over any time period to ensure you have the right number of cars in the right locations.

Usage Records

Understanding actual business and private usage. Online, Cloud-based Logbooks with Smartphone Apps for Drivers.