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ELECTRIC VEHICLE WEBINAR SERIES #3 –Accelerating Towards Electrification – 5 December 2023

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Electric vehicle webinar series accelerating electrification.

Accelerating Towards Electrification Webinar #3 – EV Operations

When: 12pm, 5 December 2023 (AEDT)

LBM’s Electric Vehicle Webinar Series will keep you up to date on transitions, market updates, trends in the industry and help you stay well informed as you make sustainable decisions for your fleet.

This webinar will be hosted by LBM Fleet CEO, Gerard McLennan, and LBM Fleet Advisor, Sarah Johnson and will discuss EV operations for fleet including key considerations from a Fleet Manager’s perspective, operational tools you need, home charging solutions and more.

This webinar will cover:

  • Market Update – Charging, Public infrastructure, EV adoption rates and more 
  • LBM’s recommended EVs for fleet  
  • Things to consider operationally from a Fleet Manager’s perspective  
  • EV Home Charging Solutions 

Your Hosts

Gerard-McLennan-CEO-LBM Fleet

Gerard McLennan – Chief Executive Officer at LBM Fleet

Gerard leads the team at LBM Fleet that has a mission to enable the execution of data driven fleet strategies – delivering lower cost, more efficient and safer fleet outcomes.

Formally qualified in accounting and law, Gerard started his career at EY in Tax & Law and stumbled into fleet when he founded LogbookMe (now LBM Fleet), which automated the age-old paper FBT logbook.

Since then, he has branched into optimising everything fleet from operations and pool mobility, all the way to safety, servicing a range of organisations from corporate through to government.

A woman with black hair and red lipstick speaks at the Electric Vehicle Webinar Series.

Sarah Johnson – Fleet Advisor at LBM Fleet

Sarah Johnson is a Fleet Management expert and is currently advising the LBM team on a number of strategic policy and EV transition projects for some of our biggest clients.

With over 20 years’ experience in the Motor Vehicle industry, Sarah has managed some of Australia’s largest fleets.

She has experience and expertise leading and executing projects across:

  • Fleet Transformation including vehicle acquisition and finance, contract management, outsource/insource strategies, and fleet cost reduction
  • Driver Safety programs and change management
  • Vehicle telematics programs