A Simple Lone Worker Solution in Your Pocket

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As the name states, a lone worker is someone who works alone and cannot be physically seen or heard by a fellow colleague. A lone worker may look like a surveyor in the field, a driver traveling in a remote area between destinations or a security guard working a small venue on their own. Generally, they can be at a higher risk of health and safety incidents as they may not have someone nearby to help or they might be in an area without ability to contact help in an emergency.

Australia’s legislation for lone workers is subject to the same Workplace Health and Safety and Occupational Safety and Health standards as any other employee. Unfortunately, the increased risk isn’t usually identified until something happens. This is usually when an organisation will recognise the risk and take action on future preventative measures.

Solutions In the Market

In the realm of telematics, Lone Worker Solutions are very sought after for organisations who operate outside coverage areas of mobile networks in contexts such as rural areas for staff who may travel or work on their own frequently.

There are a number of physical devices available on the market that can be fitted to cars, ready to alert the organisation when a driver has no mobile coverage in an emergency, when they may feel at risk of something happening or are under immediate duress.

There are limitations in its use, however. Gerard McLennan, CEO of LBM Fleet said, “We have many clients who opt to have lone worker systems and duress solutions fitted to the car, which has its obvious limitations when you have a mobile workforce that is not always inside or in close proximity of the vehicle. It also is costly and inconvenient to install (and uninstall when you replace the vehicle).”

LBM provides all clients with a simple, plug and play device connected to the 4G/5G network, but for satellite connectivity, some may choose to install these devices separately. We are therefore always on the look-out for new lone worker solutions to assist our clients.  

Apple’s Game-Changing Technology – A Simple Solution

Recently, Apple released a new update to the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models, allowing you to connect a satellite to send and receive messages in an emergency situation when you have no mobile or internet coverage. Gerard McLennan said, “It’s a game-changing feature around looking after your employees in the field.”

Let’s face it, most people have their phone on them, whether that be for work or play, making this solution even more practical and accessible, no matter where you are in the field.

Driver Safety is also one of our core products and is extremely important to us. This solution will take the safety of your employees to the next level with an extra layer of coverage, giving your fleet management peace of mind.